Briess Extra Special Malt


• Malt Style: Drum Roasted Specialty Malt

• Flavor: Toasted marshmallow, mild coffee, prunes, dry, woody

• Color: Dark red / deep copper Lighter brown hues at higher percentage


• Extra Special Malt is a hybrid drum roasted malt with a very different in flavor compared to Caramel Malt 120L.

• A unique drum roasting process is employed that produces a wide array of flavors including a combination of both caramel and dry roasting.

• This unique malt helps develop unique and complex flavors often associated with darker, high gravity beers like Doppelbock.

• Good for mid to dark Belgian style ales.

• Adds complex flavors in Abbey styles and in darker styles like dry Irish Stouts and Porters

• Also provides richer, more complex flavors in lighter colored and lighter gravity beers.

• Up to 5% Background notes of toasted marshmallow, toast, mild coffee, prunes, dry, woody

• 5 - 10% Red to amber color with pleasant toffee aroma notes. Belgian ales, English ales for complexity, porters.

• 10 - 15% Develops a much deeper reddish/brown color with fuller malty body and more pronounce raisin/toasty aroma. Dopplebocks.

Specialty malt

1 lb.


Price: $1.99

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