Briess Ashburne Mild

Specialty malt

Malt Style: Base / Specialty Malt

• Flavor: Slightly malty and sweet with a subtle toasty note

• Color: Contributes rich golden hues


• Use as a base malt or high percentage specialty malt

• Typical style inclusion would be Mild Ale, Brown Ale, Belgian Ale, and Barley Wine

• Slightly darker with a higher dextrin level than Pale Ale Malt

• Will lend a higher residual maltiness / mouthfeel

• Produced in the U.S.A. from AMBA/BMBRI recommended 2-Row malting varieties

• 10-25% Any style needing an enhanced malty flavor and aroma

• Up to 50% Bock/Dopopelbock style beers for an exaggerated maltiness

1 lb.


Price: $1.79

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