Fastferment 7 Gallon Conical Fermenter

FastFerment™ comes complete with a 7.9 gallon/27 Liter conical style fermentation chamber, collection ball, Econo-Lock, 1/2"  hose barb fitting, on and off valve, tubing with shut-off clamp, thermowell and a gasketed lid.

This revolutionary product will change everything you know about primary and secondary fermentation. Some key features that make this conical style fermenter so convenient are:

  • No racking is needed. Primary and secondary fermentation takes place in the FastFerment™; eliminating concerns of oxidation and contamination.
  • An integrated thermowell and FastFerment™ thermometer* allow you to monitor your fermentation temperature with just a quick glance.
  • Additional collection balls* make it easier to harvest your own yeast for repeated batch results.
  • Attachable 1/2" hose barb fitting allows for bottling right from the FastFerment™.
  • The 6" opening at top allows for easy cleaning.
  • The FastFerment™ cuts down on storage. No more storing multiple fermentation vessels.
  • FastFerment™ is easily mounted on any wall in your house with just a few screws (hardware included) and a moment of your time.

*Sold Separately


Price: $100.99

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