Tenacious Badger Hops: Ultra

First bred in 1983, Ultra hops are a Hallertauer/Saazer triploid seedless aroma hybrid that is in high demand by craft brewers. This is a great finishing hop in a variety of applications.

Aroma -Hallertauer mittlefrueh with pleasant bitterness, florals and spice

Chemistry -Alpha acids 3.0-5.5%, beta acids 3.0-4.0%, cohumulone 17-24%, total oils 0.7-1.3ml/100g, myrcene 10-20%, humulene 30-35%, caryophyllene 7-10%, farnesene < 1%

Beer Styles -Pilsners, Lagers, Bocks and Wheat Beers

Price: $2.70

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