Tenacious Badger Hops: Columbia

An all-purpose variety originally developed for Budweiser in the 1960s from a cross of Fuggle and is a sister to Willamette. Columbia hops have pungent aromatics and a clean, crisp flavor profile with a notable twist of lemon citrus. Ultimately, Budweiser went with the softer noble Willamette hop, leaving this one for you.

Aroma -Pineapple with bright, lemony citrus notes, but not as strong as Chinook

Chemistry -Alpha acids 7.6-9.0%, beta acids 4.0%, cohumulone 40%, total oils 1.2ml/100g, myrcene 54%, humulene 17%

Beer Styles -Primarily lighter styles with a crisp finish, but also good in Ambers, Porters and Stouts


Price: $2.70

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