Brown Ale Book

AHA # 14 Daniels/Parker

So, its future is bright. In today's beer world, few other beer styles hold more potential for exploration and enjoyment. As a result, it is destined to survive and thrive with brewers and lovers of brown ale. --From the book


Brown ale is the chameleon of all beers. Its ever-evolving identity lends to its elusive reputation. To trace brown ale's history and development, it's necessary to visit nearly every other style of British ale--from mild and pale to porter and stout. Ray Daniels and Jim Parker harness the mystery of this beer style and divulge some of its secrets. They also reveal how Samuel Smith's and Scottish and Newcastle breweries craft their world-renown ale and why chefs use brown ale more than any other beer style. Brown ale will never seem the same after reading this book.


The Classic Beer Style Series is devoted to offering in-depth information on world-class beer styles by exploring their history, flavor profiles, brewing methods, recipes, and ingredients.


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