Important Information for Winexpert Kit Users

Attn Customers:  We received the following updates from Winexpert, please take a moment to review them.  Noting earth shattering, just a few instruction changes.

Starting in 2013, you will notice a substantial change in Winexpert kit instructions that is noticeably different from their previous protocol – the process of “topping up” is being eliminated. The attached document will help you understand and explain these instruction changes.

Full Instruction Changes for All Winexpert Kit Products

Explanation of rationale for the changes

The last document addresses an error in the LE2012 instructions. LE2012 instruction sets have an incorrect numerical value in Step 2 of “Primary Fermentation” that could influence the outcome of the kit. This .pdf applies to customers who purchased the January varietals Argentine Torrontes and Argentine Malbec Bonarda. We will also include a copy of this document with each kit shipped starting immediately. The February and March releases will already contain this addendum in the kit. This does not affect the Nebbiolo with Grapeskins kit, or any other Winexpert products.

LE2012 Updated Instructions

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