by packaged 5# bags, or by the sack. Specialty grains are sold by the pound. Come on in and shop with a pint!  We are the only brew shop in the state with an operating brewery and attached, not to mention a Tap House with 40 Wisconsin (only) beers on tap!

In addition to the palates and palates of malt we stock, we also have un-malted barley, wheat, rye, corn, rice and oats–in a number of varieties of course!

We have what your grain bill needs.  Need it crushed?  We thought so.  If you aren’t ready to pull the trigger on your own grain mill (by the way, we sell those too), you can use ours.  That’s right we have an in-house grain mill for you to use–free of charge!  Only one catch–you gotta grind it before you leave with it.  For health reasons, you can’t bring bring raw grain back into the store.  Make it into beer first! If you want to order by phone, just let us know you want the grain ground and we’ll be happy to grind it for you.