Expert Service and Advice!

Without doubt, the most awesome thing about shopping at Point Brew Supply, is our awesome staff (Meet them at the bottom of this page)!  All of us are experienced, friendly, and accomplished home brewers and wine makers who are all just as excited about our hobby, as you are. From time to time you will even see one of our unique-‘session beers’ brewed in our attached brewery, and sister company O’so Brewing Company.  Oh yea, all of the brewery employees are willing to help out too–they know beer!

  • Stuck Fermentation? Slow Fermentation? Explosive Fermentation with Gunk all over the place?
  • Flat beer? Weird Smell? Odd flavors? Hazy beer?
  • Crayons in your carboy?
  • Exploding bottles? Missing beer? Suddenly very popular?

We have seen it all and pride ourselves on taking care of our customers!  Bring us a sample and we will get you feedback, not only from us at Point Brew Supply, but from members of the local home brew club who meets here monthly. Feedback from peers is an awesome  way to keep learning!

There is no style of beer that we have not tried.  And we are always happy to help you create, improve, fix, or just help you drink your latest creation.  The spirit of Freestyle Brewing™ is alive and well at Point Brew Supply.  Come on in, try us–we’ve got your back and you won’t be disappointed with our selection of products either!

Marc Buttera (Owner):

My love of beer and beer-making started when I was in college for Mechanical Design. I moved-in next-door to the President of the Focal Point Homebrew Club, Mike Champion. He introduced me to good beer and the passion it took to create interesting flavors. I was invited to Mike McElwain’s house to watch the first batch of Central Waters beer being brewed with Jerome Ebel at the controls. I was hooked on brewing after seeing all the equipment and joy it brought to all that were in attendance. I knew that one day I would own my own brewery. In 2003, Katina and I opened Point Brew Supply as an outlet for me to get cheap supplies, LOL! I used every ingredient that we had in the shop to make the most interesting beers I could dream up. Some turned out good and some downright bad, but they were all a learning experience. When you visit Point Brew Supply, you will experience how our passion drives us. We want your first beer or wine to turn out great and every batch after that to turn out even better. Mix the best ingredients with top notch knowledge and customer service and you’ll get great fermentations every time.

Katina Buttera (Owner)

My interest in wine making began shortly after opening my store in 2003, as I had to learn about the products that I was in charge of selling while Marc was still at his full-time job. The Varietal juice kits began to accumulate quickly in variety at home, as each of the levels needed to be made and sampled to be able to best explain the process and the taste of them. As for home brewing, I understand the whole process and have seen enough batches be made to consider myself very knowledgeable, but it isn’t for me. I’ve done my share of extract brews, and one all grain, but I just like wine too much to make beer. I leave the beer making up to my husband, Marc and son Dylan. I plan to introduce a “drop and swap” wine rack at the shop in 2013, so you’re able to try others’ wines before you commit to an entire 30 bottles, of which is made from the varietal kits!