Start:December 28 – 10:00 am

End:January 3 – 06:00 pm


We will be closed on Friday, December 28th and Saturday, December 29th, 2018 for Physical Inventory Counting. We are also closed on Wednesday, January 2nd and Thursday, January 3rd, 2019 to complete clean up and computer entry work needed! 

Posted 11/30/18, PLEASE PLAN AHEAD FOR YOUR NEEDS. If you would like to pick something up that week that we are closed, all orders must be processed over phone on Wednesday & Thursday, December 26th & 27th, 2018. Orders can be emailed to, but please provide your phone number so we can call to process payment over the phone. 

Thanks a lot for your continued support! Sorry for any inconvenience, but I am only one person at this “ma and pa” shop. Katina