Malt, Hops, and Yeast.  That’s it; that’s beer!

There are some other details to consider though–like that beer is liquid, well, around here it is–usually.

You’re gonna’ need something to hold that beer in–like bottles, or a growler or two–the truly devout keg their home-brew and build their own Keg-Fridge.


We have in stock a store-full of the little extras that will make your beer brewing hobby that much more enjoyable:

  • Bottles, Half gallon jugs & caps–huge variety!
  • Several sizes of Fermenting Buckets and Bottling Buckets
  • Books–We have a large variety of books available for purchase (brewing and wine-making books).
  • Bottling Equipment–Taps, Spigots, Siphons, Fillers, Cappers, Corkers, you get the idea…
  • Carboys of all sizes from 1 gallon jugs to 15 gallon Demi Johns
  • Kegs and Kegging Equipment & Supplies
  • DIY Keg-Fridge building gear
  • Labels for custom design
  • Grain Mills
  • BEER!–We have an operating brewery and Tap Room attached to the store.  SHOP WITH A PINT!


The most forgotten ingredient in the beer making hobby is water.  For most people, their tap water is just fine–heck we have even brewed with water pumped directly from a frozen Wisconsin lake many times. (See photos here.)  Others, might prefer a filtered water from their grocery store or a bottled water supplier.

And, of course the most discriminating brewers amongst us will try to get our water chemistry just right for the style of beer we are after.  If you are trying to mimic the water in Dublin, Munich, Brussels, Amsterdam, or even San Francisco, Portland  or Plover, Wisconsin–WE HAVE THE STUFF!  An entire section of the store is loaded with the supplies you need to adjust pH, hardness, and mineral content to get that perfect water profile you want and need.